ETLS & Asset Tracking Solutions

Piper’s proprietary technology, dedicated talent, and desirable partners enable us to help transportation customers reach their asset tracking goals with confidence. Our experience with on-board systems integration and thorough understanding of Ultra Wideband (UWB), Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) and other RTLS technologies like RFID has led to successful deployments for major transit authorities. Piper’s new Enhanced Transit Location System (ETLS) is also designed specifically to meet the challenging requirements and environments of railway systems.

ETLS Train Positioning

Piper Networks ETLS (Enhanced Transit Location System) helps transit authorities track the locations of their trains to within 10cm and in real-time. Rail and subway clients can use this data to run trains closer together and more frequently which increases rider throughput. They can also use the data for countdown clocks that predict when trains will arrive at stations, and for improving safety of track workers and grade crossings.

Track Worker Safety

Two-way communication between devices on trains and wearables worn by workers trigger safety alarms and lights to warn of the proximity between trains and workers. Flashing strobes in the cab and on worker armbands or vests create simultaneous passive alerts to help avoid injuries. This same technology can be used to locate workers in the event they are lost or incapacitated.

Grade Crossing Detection

Piper’s Grade Crossing Detection system uses Ultra-wideband and LIDAR to detect if people or vehicles that are entering a grade crossing could potentially cause a safety issue. Ultra-wideband devices on the train and at the crossings communicate with each other in real-time and trigger the train and operator to follow the appropriate safety protocol.

Data Communications

Piper’s proprietary methods utilize Ultra-wideband and Bluetooth Low Energy technology to effectively communicate information for your mission critical applications. Our team of engineers have produced reliable communication systems in some of the most challenging environments, like subway tunnels, and can adapt it to your requirements.

Warehouse Asset Tracking

Track your assets in real-time using our online dashboard with map-based interface for easy visualization. Generate automatic reports, activate alarms or alerts, and search for assets instantly with at-a-glance views. Choose from a variety of low cost devices with various form factors and power options.

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