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Asset Tracking & RTLS Solutions

Piper Proximity Technology helps transit authorities, healthcare systems, warehouses and other enterprises improve operations by better tracking their assets. Using Piper’s inexpensive Bluetooth Low Energy Beacons, Ultra Wide Band Tags and our BLE/UWB-sensing Gateways, enterprise customers can monitor assets locations and movements in real time, map it according to requirements, and convert the data into useful analytics. It’s an ideal solution for any enterprise looking to improve performance and make better data-driven decisions.

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Track Assets in Real-Time

Track deliveries, monitor equipment and locate lost assets quickly and in real-time.

Improve Operations

Improve operational efficiency, increase revenue and reduce costs like overage.

Search Assets Quickly

Improve productivity by reducing wasted time and resources searching for assets.

Easy Integration

Integrate into existing infrastructure to save costs and time getting started.

Highly Accurate

Obtain granularity down to 5-10cm range of detection.

Achieve Compliance

Use motion data to assess compliance and performance of equipment and personnel.


  1. Easy-to-manage online dashboard with map-based interface for easy visualization.
  2. Generate automatic reports or search for assets instantly with at-a-glance views.
  3. Activate alarms or alerts based on identifiable events like elopement.
  4. Customizable, low cost devices with various form factors and power options.
  5. Choose from outdoor, indoor and underground specific solutions.
  6. Multipurpose platform that’s adaptable to any location awareness needs.
  7. Advanced SDK’s and API’s for easy integration into existing applications.



Track, monitor & locate vehicle & rail assets, accurately broadcast arrival & departure times, use motion data to assess compliance and performance of equipment or personnel.

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Track precious biological samples, manage medication, protect facility equipment from theft, monitor patient movement & alert personnel to identifiable events like elopement.

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Monitor product locations & quantities, learn from customer movement & use real-time analytics for proactive customer engagement or employee performance.

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Airport Authority

Manage service vehicles and shuttle fleets, monitor traffic flow to improve peak demand service, and increase revenue from taxis and ride-share vehicles with livery metering.

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Monitor the movement of assets throughout the logistics process, convert the location data to actionable information, and locate lost stock to reduce overage costs.

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Higher Education

Track buses on routes and provide accurate arrival times for a better rider experience, count passengers on board, and use telemetry data to monitor fleet performance.

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Featured Client

Piper is currently engaged in an ongoing project to assist Metropolitan Transit Authority (MTA) and the New York City Subway System with collecting real-time subway train location data. Using customized Bluetooth Beacons installed on trains in combination with BLE sensors deployed in underground stations, Piper aggregates a stream of real-time location data. By integrating the data with MTA’s iTrack system, Piper’s beacons help locate trains and power countdown clocks with reliable arrival information for riders.

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New countdown clocks in B Division stations are powered by Piper technology to deliver accurate arrival and departure times.

Piper testing of Bluetooth signals at aboveground subway stations is documented with detailed interactive maps displaying location, distance, & RF signal strength.