Healthcare & Senior Living

Healthcare & Senior Living

The demand for embracing new technology is growing rapidly within the healthcare industry as hospitals and senior living facilities work on IoT strategies that will deliver reliable solutions to their patients and residents, while increasing revenue and improving operations. Piper can help create these smart infrastructures and be the complete enterprise proximity platform that provides hardware, deployment, content management software, and analytics.

Asset Tracking & Locating

Use the online dashboard to easily track, monitor and report the movement of assets in real-time with incredible granularity and convert the location data into useful information. Being able to account for and rapidly locate items, like wheelchairs, IV pumps, crash carts and medical equipment, helps reduce wasted search time and resources.

Nurse & Staff Rounding

Track required nurse and staff rounding to attend residents and facilities. Beacon technology can passively verify rounding with automated check-ins at prescribed locations and provide alerts and reminders to minimize human error and dependency, eliminate paper logs, encourage accountability and provide evidence to resident families.

Elopement Prevention

Reduce the occurrence of elopement and monitor the location of residents in real-time. Wearables worn by residents can trigger alarms and strobe lights or notify authorized personnel. Predictive analysis allows for notification prior to resident reaching exit point.

Caregiver & Staff Notifications

Beacons deployed in various locations can send automatic notifications to smartphones nearby, making the messages timely and contextual. Piper’s first-to-market Closed Network Communication allows for multiple messages to be attached to the same beacon but delivered to different groups of people. Ideal for communicating privately with residents, clinicians, nurses, staff or language-specific groups. Content can be created remotely and easily, and updated in real-time using the online content management system.

Environmental Awareness

Capture live data from components such as accelerometers and environmental sensing modules for temperature, humidity, dangerous gas levels and more. Trigger alerts and notifications once thresholds are met or exceeded.

Security & Compliance

Use Piper’s Multi Factor Authentication to limit access to restricted areas, work stations, and equipment. Monitor who was where and when for increased accountability. Caregivers can also be logged out once they leave range of workstations in examination rooms, thereby preventing previous patient’s information being exposed.

More Valuable Solutions

  • Crash Cart Monitoring
  • Nurse Rounding
  • Elopement Prevention
  • Access Control
  • Patient Engagement
  • Memory Care Smart DIsplays
  • Multi Factor Authentication
  • Medication Management
  • In-home Monitoring
  • Patient Status Monitoring
  • Environmental Awareness
  • Wayfinding


  • Always-on, real-time detection for constant monitoring.
  • Cost-effective solutions that are easily deployed & work with existing infrastructure.
  • Variety of form factors, including all weather IP67-rated enclosures or customizable designs.
  • Battery-powered devices with life spans up to 5yrs+.
  • Create various notifications or alarms based on events.
  • Deliver real-time notifications to staff, patients & caregivers.
  • Online CMS can be integrated existing EHR/EMR systems or third-party software.
  • Create reports and map data according to requirements.

Proud to be showcased at Thrive Innovation Center

The Thrive Innovation Center in Louisville, KY is a first-of-its-kind experiential facility focused on challenges faced by aging individuals and their families and caregivers. The center demonstrates the latest cutting edge technology for healthcare and senior living, including Piper’s wearable and asset tracking technology. Learn more at