Proximity Notifications

Proximity Notifications

Beacons deployed in various locations can send automatic notifications to smartphones nearby, making the messages timely and contextual. Message types include text notifications, photos, videos, and HTML5 content or links. Piper’s first-to-market Closed Network Communication allows for multiple messages to be attached to the same beacon but delivered to different groups of people, thereby saving on infrastructure costs. Content can be created remotely and easily, and updated in real-time using the online content management system.

Benefits of Proximity Notifications

Increase Engagement

Deliver hyper-local, timely and relevant content straight to patients & employee phones.

Improve Employee Performance

Use for checklists, alerts, reminders & other notifications to improve operations.

Track Data in Real-Time

Monitor beacon and message performance in real-time and adjust on the fly.

Proactive Messaging

Daypart messages, delay delivery or change content instantly to capitalize on unique opportunities.

Quick & Easy Deployment

No existing infrastructure or developers needed. Just place beacon & add content in CMS.

Closed Networks

Communicate private messages to different groups using the same beacon.


Platform Features

  1. Easy-to-manage online dashboard with map-based interface for easy visualization.
  2. Generate automatic reports or search for assets instantly with at-a-glance views.
  3. Activate alarms or alerts based on identifiable events like elopement.
  4. Customizable, low cost devices with various form factors and power options.
  5. Choose from outdoor, indoor and underground specific solutions.
  6. Multipurpose platform that’s adaptable to any location awareness needs.
  7. Advanced SDK’s and API’s for easy integration into existing applications.