Testimonials 2

Businesses love Fusion

  • We use Piper in many ways both for internal employee communication and external customer engagement. One of the best performing content types we’ve used have been the Apple Pass eCoupons. They’re also distributed through digital ads and show up on users’ lock screens when they come into contact with a beacon, reminding them to make use of the offer. One campaign in particular saw incredible results quickly, especially with millennials - Of the Apple Passes that were downloaded we had a 20% redemption rate in the first 3 weeks.
    Jack PezoldOwner/operator of 22 McDonald’s restaurants
  • Our Piper beacons notify hotel visitors of the Houlihan’s restaurants that are located inside our hotels. The messages highlight featured meals and Apple Passes provide exclusive offers. We’ve seen great results from this. During the first two month test, Piper beacons generated over $6,000 in revenue for us.
    Brian PlemmonsPresident of Valley Hospitality Hotel and Food Service
  • At Nissan of Newnan we focus on creating a fresh approach to buying your vehicle by emphasizing customer service and providing visitors with as much information as possible so that they can make informative decisions. We use beacons to highlight employees of the month, special customer benefits like our in-house movie theater, service specials, and exclusive Piper offers for specific vehicles. We have found the Apple Passes distributed through Piper to be especially beneficial driving traffic to dealership.
    Jason SteavesDigital Marketing Manager
  • We place beacons on properties that we have for sale. We’ve used simple notifications, photos of key features like swimming pools or kitchens, or linked straight to the MLS listing where users can also access agent contact info. We’ve had a lot of interest from customers, especially when during bad weather they don’t have to get out of their car to learn more about the property. Agents are really excited about offering new ways for customers to access exclusive content and as a way for us to set ourselves apart from competition.
    Reynolds BickerstaffPartner and Associate Broker
  • The unique aspect about (Piper’s) beacon deployment is the franchise model. The program is designed with the franchise owners in mind rather than coming from the top… This helps franchise companies succeed...
    Adam SilvermanForrester Research Inc.
  • Many have been bearish on McDonald's performance, myself included, but it's good to see the company lead on beacon technology. In the end, this could revolutionize retail as we know it.
    The Motley Fool