Piper’s Proximity technology provides manufacturers, warehouses and retail locations with solutions that improve operations through accurate monitoring of their surroundings, and by better tracking their assets, equipment and stock in real-time. Piper also helps to deliver the right information to the right person at the right time, resulting in better managed resources, decreased response time to incidents, better synced operations and supply chains, and improved customer relations.

Asset Tracking & Locating

Monitor the movement of assets, stock, deliveries and pallets throughout the logistics process and convert the location data to useful information for both the enterprise, supply chains and customers. Improve operational efficiencies by automating workflows like receiving, staging and assembly.

Fleet & Equipment Management

Manage and track the locations of vehicle fleets, like forklifts, in real-time, confirm that they hit required check points, track work-in-process, and use motion data to assess compliance and performance of equipment or personnel.

People Movements

Track the movements and flow of employees or customers with dots-on-a-map. Produce heat maps that show dwell times and use the data to assess floor layouts and optimize product placements. Knowing the locations of your employees in real-time also helps with their safety.

Team Notifications

Piper’s first-to-market closed network capability allows for multiple messages to be attached to the same beacon but delivered to different groups of people. Ideal for sending timely reminders or safety warnings to various teams that they’ll receive only when it’s relevant.

Environmental Awareness

Capture live data from components such as accelerometers, magnetometers, and environmental sensing modules for temperature, humidity, dangerous gas levels and more.