What is a beacon

So, What’s a Beacon?

A Beacon is a small Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) devices that you place anywhere – your business, a special location or your home. Ranging in size from a quarter to a deck of cards, these modules tell smartphones nearby that they have something to say. Piper connects the beacon to content that the beacon owner creates. But what makes Piper beacons special is that they aren’t bound to a single user or a single message. Instead, our many-to-many architecture lets you control the delivery of messages based on their importance to the individual and their preferences. Piper is the only service that provides both web and mobile based access for you to update content as frequently as you wish. A fully deployed set of beacons is like a small media network. You can manage indoor location-based information services in the same way that GPS and geolocation works in the open air. Beacons can be managed centrally, or they can be controlled by local managers as a way to push timely offers and updates instantly.