Environmental Awareness

Piper’s Environmental BLE Beacons are uniquely designed to capture and relay digital representations of ambient environmental conditions. State & local agencies, police departments and other enterprises can use these devices and Piper’s proximity platform to consistently monitor air quality and other measurable factors in real-time for immediate action, or the data can be mapped according to requirements and converted into useful analytics.

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Features & Benefits

  • Piper can customize solutions by attaching various sensors, incl.: VOCs & Dangerous Gases (Airports, Mining, Oil & Gas), Indicator Gases like Phosphine (State & Local, Police), Light, Temperature & Humidity (Healthcare), and Motion & Accelerometers (Transit).
  • Always—on, real-time detection for constant monitoring.
  • Cost-effective solutions that are easily deployed & work with existing infrastructure.
  • Variety of form factors, including all weather IP67-rated enclosures or customizable designs.
  • Battery-powered devices with life spans up to 5yrs+.
  • Create various notifications or alarms based on events.
  • Deliver real-time updates to field personnel, especially those entering hazardous areas.
  • Direct first responders with accuracy by pinpointing the location of concern.
  • Online CMS can be integrated with active directories, existing systems or third-party software.
  • Create reports and map data according to requirements.

Valuable Situational Awareness Solutions

Piper’s solution offers your responding officers and field personnel with situational awareness beyond current capabilities.

For example:

  • Phosphine Sensors mounted to patrol cars performing a routine traffic stop or house call, alert officers to potential meth trafficking or production.
  • CO Sensors throughout airports and runways monitor increases in dangerous CO levels close to terminals or where grounds crew are working.
  • Temperature Sensors in medical storage rooms or crash carts notify nearby staff that medication or precious biological samples need to be checked or moved due to changes in temperature.
  • Help first responders pin point the location of a gas leak so they can tend to the source of the problem quicker.

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