You’ve just become part of the emerging world of beacon messaging technology. Piper wants to make it easier for you to capture your audience when they’re most likely to engage. When they’re right here, right now.

Your Piper Beacon is a small device that you place anywhere – your business, a special location, or your home. It sends a low energy BlueTooth (BLE) signal that can only be picked up by phones close by – and you control the message.

Download the Piper App to load your beacons & start sharing content. No developers. No coding. No hassle. You can do everything from just your smart phone.

Create your account and you’ll be 30 seconds away from broadcasting your First Piper message!

Download the free Piper app from the Apple app store or Google Play.

Piper is compatible with Apple iPhones 4s and newer running iOS 7 or newer. Piper also works with Bluetooth enabled Android phones 4.3 and newer running Jellybean or newer.

Create your account and upload a square profile picture or business logo. This will become your avatar.

You can use your phone in anonymous mode to view beacons but you won’t be able to control your beacon’s content without an account.


Select “Add new iBeacon” in side navigation, then tap Use the QR code reader to scan the code on the back the Piper logo.

Use the QR code reader to scan the code on the back of your beacons. Then just give it a name! Throttle your beacon’s radius of detection by tapping “proximity.”


Create your first message by tapping “Add Action” and selecting a content type, then follow instructions to customize.

Make sure your phone’s Bluetooth & Location Services are turned on and you’re good to go. Select the history icon to review all the beacons you’ve seen.


Androids detect beacons in the same way as iOS but the screens look different. The main difference is that Androids don’t have the “Radar” screen. Additionally, only iOS devices can control beacon content from the phone. Beacon managers who use Androids will need to log on to the portal at in order to add beacons and manage content.


Login with your username and password or you can also sign up for a new account here.


Your Dashboard displays your profile info and analytics. It’s also where you control your Groups. Groups are closed networks that allow you to send different messages to select users while using the same beacon. The general user will see the default message. You can have multiple groups attached to the same beacon. People can be added to groups by adding their email address that they use for Piper. They will be sent a confirmation email.


Select “Beacons” from your side navigation to bring up a list of all your beacons. Add more by selecting “Add Beacon” and fill in your new beacon’s major and minor values shown on the back of the beacon.


The “Actions” tab lists all your available content. Select “Add Action” and choose from the dropdown content types to create new messages. You can edit content by clicking on the tool icon.


Go back to the “Beacons” tab and attach a message to a beacon by selecting the pencil icon and choosing from available actions.


Using Piper you can now easily create coupons that can be distributed via social media, digital ads, text messages, email, or even through QR codes on printed material. These coupons are storable and redeemable with both Apple iOS and Android phones as well as Apple Watch. Once a user stores the coupon on their smartphone, a notification will appear automatically on their screen reminding them of the offer whenever they’re in proximity to a designated beacon. Cutting edge iBeacon technology which is much more accurate than GPS and Geofencing makes this all possible.


Premium accounts can easily create eCoupons called Passes. Edit your own Passes without the need for a developer! Simply fill out the forms to customize and you’re good to go! Contact us to upgrade to a premium account.


  • The beacons transmit the message to the users’ phones via Bluetooth (BLE) signal. They have up to a 50 meter (~164ft) radius, so make sure you place them in a location that can capture the most foot traffic for your target audience, e.g. the front corner window closest to where the most people walk past your location.
  • Change your content frequently. While the avatar bubble will still appear on the user’s screen, they will not receive an alert update for 30 days after their initial notification. The more frequently you change the message, the more often users will get notified.
  • Be spontaneous with your messaging. We have designed the app to allow you to change a message within seconds, so use this to your advantage! Think about creating sales 30 minutes before closing time, or real time notices about fresh food out the oven, or even congratulatory messages about overachieving employees. Being spontaneous will allow you to form engaging relationships with your customers.
  • Your beacon uses standard coin batteries that you can purchase anywhere. However, they can last up to 3 years.

What phones are compatible?
iPhone 4s or newer running iOS 7.12 or higher, and Android version 4.3 and higher with BlueTooth 4.0 installed.
Can people pick up messages when they drive past the beacon?
Yes. The beacons are set up out of the box to notify a user immediately once they come into range.
Won’t the user get annoyed by the same message repeatedly hitting them?
We have set a 30 day buffer period before the user will receive the same notification again. Should the beacon manager change the message, the user will receive a new message alert the next time they are in range. They will however, still see the same avatar bubble on their screen and be able to open content as well as see the notification in their history.
Why can’t my users see my offers?
1 Check that “Bluetooth” is switched on.


2 Check that “Location Services” are switched on.

Settings/Privacy/Location Services/ON

*Scroll down and make sure Piper tab is also ON.

3 Lastly, kill app and re-open.
Why can’t I see the “Sonar Screen” on my AndroidTM?
Unfortunately, Androids cannot reproduce this feature at this time.
How can I change my beacon’s content if I have an Android?
Login to your “Dashboard” with your same username and password. You can add new beacons here and more content by selecting “Add Action”.
How can I sign up for Apple Pass features?
Please contact us directly to activate.