Piper Networks is proud to partner with Cisco Meraki, the leader in cloud controlled WiFi, routing, and security. Meraki’s latest Access Points (MR32, MR72) have BLE Beacon technology integrated into them and as such can be added to Piper’s online dashboard like any other beacon.

Piper’s dashboard makes it easy for enterprise clients to utilize proximity messaging by adding beacons or beacon-enabled Access Points to the system. Once added, users can create a variety of content, assign each message to specific beacons or AP’s and then immediately broadcast that message in real-time to nearby smartphones. Flexible content options include simple notifications, photos, videos, links to HTML5 content, social media and even Apple Passes.

Meraki customers now have the opportunity to cost-effectively and rapidly deploy a proximity messaging and data capturing system using their existing infrastructure. This further demonstrates Piper’s focus on interoperability and the value of our adaptable platform.

Learn more about Meraki’s Access Points here: