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Unlike other available options, ViTRACE is both a Contact Tracing AND Social Distancing solution that uses reliable Ultra Wideband Technology. The contact tracing component gives your team the ability to quickly understand which employees have come in contact with an infected person, while the social distancing feature alerts your personnel when they are not maintaining appropriate distances apart. Use this valuable information to take action with only your at-risk individuals and maintain safety and productivity. ViTRACE is also fully anonymous and does not track physical location thereby providing maximum privacy and security.

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  • ViTRACE gives you the ability to only quarantine high-risk employees so that you don’t need to shut down production or facilities completely.
  • ViTRACE utilizes the many advantages of Ultra Wideband technology instead of Bluetooth Low Energy.
  • ViTRACE is fully anonymous and secure to ensure maximum privacy. It also does not collect or store any location information, only proximity data.
  • ViTRACE provides actionable data for advanced contact tracing that goes far beyond solutions that only offer social distancing alerts.
  • ViTRACE is designed specially with enterprises and manufacturing plants in mind, and offers customization to your specific requirements.
  • ViTRACE is affordable and scalable. Licenses are issued annually per user you protect and includes all wearables, sensors and support.
  • Piper Networks is a leader in Ultra Wideband technology, providing innovative solutions for the most challenging of environments, including the New York City Subway System.

How it works

Piper understands that your employees would rather be focused on their jobs at hand than worrying about their and others safety protocols. So our team set about designing a solution to work as simply, as unobtrusively, and as automated as possible. These were our parameters:

It has to be comfortable – Our ViTRACE Wearables are small, rechargeable devices used to passively and anonymously determine an individual’s proximity, frequency and dwell time to other workers. These devices can also be customized to meet your requirements.

Needs to be real-time – ViTRACE Nodes are placed at choke points and are powered via PoE. They collect the data from the wearables in real-time and report it to the cloud via WiFi or PoE.

Allow rapid response – Should one of your employees test positive or be identified as high-risk, your safety team can use ViTRACE’s intuitive dashboard to identify which of your other employees are at greatest risk. This is based on pre-determined values that you control, including proximity distance, frequency of interaction, and dwell time around person of concern. Individuals can then be notified privately and necessary precautions can be taken.

Needs to be quick and easy – The system is easy to deploy due to it being fully portable and no complex fixed installation requirements or investments. You can be set up in as little as one day.

The system needs to be dynamic – Secure dashboards can be updated with information related to infection, recovery and test results such as antibody resistance. We want this to be a system you can continue to benefit from.

And it absolutely has to ensure privacy – ViTRACE completely anonymizes personal identity and location, and provides administration rights only to essential human resource and admin personnel.

Why Ultra Wideband (UWB)

Ultra Wideband is an ideal proximity technology for challenging environments like warehouses, hospitals and factories due to its high accuracy (<10cm), low latency, lack of interference with WiFi, and its resistance to multipath signal interference from materials like concrete, metal and water (people). UWB uses time-of-flight to accurately measure distance, unlike Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) that uses unreliable RSSI signal strength. Bluetooth contact tracing also requires smartphone apps and puts the onus on the individual to open apps and update settings, whereas ViTRACE UWB solution only requires a small wearable and the rest is automated. In addition, the deep traceability history that UWB captures eliminates false negatives and positives and allows your team to make decisions confidently.

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